Study Abroad

This page describes the rules governing computer science credit for study abroad classes and the process for transferring credits.

Credit Transfer Rules

All of the standard transfer credit rules apply to study abroad courses.

Study Abroad Process

If you plan to study off-campus and intend to transfer classes for CS credit, you must observe the following process:

  1. Before you apply for study abroad, contact a CS faculty (your CS advisor, favorite CS professor, or the department chair) by email, with the following information:
    • The name of the university/program you plan to attend.
    • Which CS classes you intend to take, along with their websites.
  2. The faculty member will reply and CC Sue Theberge, indicating whether the classes will be transferred and at what level (e.g., 2000 vs 3000 level). This email will be kept in the department records.
  3. If you decide to change your classes at any point (either before or after beginning your study abroad), return to step 1 (i.e. you need to contact again the same faculty with the new class you intend to take and its website, and get it pre-approved before you enroll in it).
  4. When you return to Bowdoin, your classes will initially appear as general (non-CS) credit in your transcript, even if they were approved for CS credit.
  5. Around October of your senior year, the department will use the previous email communications to update your transcript for the approved CS credit. Be patient! If you followed the process described here, there's nothing to worry about!

Where should I go?

Recent popular study abroad programs for computer science students at Bowdoin include the following:

Other choices (non-exhaustive) include U. Otago (New Zealand), UC London, Columbia, Oxford, Sydney, Madrid, Italy, Brazil, and Chile. For a complete listing of study abroad options, contact Christine Wintersteen in the Office of Off-Campus Study.

Recent Class Listing

Below is a list of recent study abroad classes that were used for CS credit (and how they were transferred). This list does not replace the process of getting your classes approved by a faculty member! However, the list should give you a rough idea of some choices available.

WhereClassTransferBowdoin Equivalent
AITData Mining2xxxCSCI 2600
AITTheory of Computation2xxx, Algorithms/TheoryCSCI 2210
AITApplied Cryptography3xxx, Algorithms/Theory
AITMobile Development2xxx, SystemsCSCI 2505
DISGame Development2xxx, AI
DISGame Development + lab3xxx, AI
DISAnalysis of Big Data2xxx
DISArtifical Intelligence2xxx, AICSCI 2400
EdinburghGame Theory3xxx, Algorithms/TheoryCSCI 3210
EdinburghTheoretical CS2xxx, Algorithms/TheoryCSCI 2210
EdinburghEmbedded Systems3xxx, Systems
EdinburghSoftware Testing2xxx
St AndrewsTheory of Complexity2xxx, Algorithms/TheoryCSCI 2210
St AndrewsGraphics2xxx
St AndrewsSoftware Engineering3xxx
St AndrewsDistributed Systems3xxx, SystemsCSCI 3325
London (Royal Holloway)Complexity Theory2xxx, Algorithms/TheoryCSCI 2210
London (Royal Holloway)Cypher Systems3xxx, Algorithms/Theory
MadridSoftware Engineering2xxx
MadridUser Interfaces3xxx
MadridComputer Architecture2xxx, SystemsCSCI 2300
OtagoArtificial Intelligence2xxx, AICSCI 2400
OtagoComputer Graphics2xxx
OtagoEffective Programming2xxx
OxfordReinforcement Learning3xxx, AI
OxfordDeep Learning3xxx, AI, projects
OxfordMachine Learning3xxx, AICSCI 3455
OxfordAlgorithms2xxxCSCI 2200
OxfordNetworks3xxx, SystemsCSCI 3300
ColumbiaMobile App Development2xxx, Systems, projectsCSCI 2505
ColumbiaAdvanced Programming2xxx
ColumbiaFoundations of Systems2xxxCSCI 2330